NexeTalk Suite – IP dispatch console system for NEXEDGE®
…probably the most affordable feature-rich dispatch system on the marketplace

NexeTalk Suite is a state-of-the-art Dispatch & Tracking software application for Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital radio systems. As a fully IP-based application, NexeTalk does not require any additional hardware, such as control stations. The built-in AMBE+2™  vocoder provides high voice quality and eliminates the requirement to fit external USB decoders and other hardware.

NexeTalk can be added on a NEXEDGE® radio system of any size. The user-friendly interface enables fast and simple software installation and configuration. The application is easy to deploy and operate, so it will take just a few moments for an operator to learn how to use it.

When we say IP-based, we really mean it

  • The built-in AMBE+2™  vocoder
  • Direct IP interface between consoles and radio infrastructure
  • No control stations
  • No radio gateways

This makes NexeTalk the most cost-effective feature rich fully IP dispatch console for NEXEDGE®.

Learn more about NexeTalk benefits. Watch a video presentation of NexeTalk Suite.

The key features of NexeTalk Suite are as follows

Fleet Management

  • Support for shared radio networks (SMR operators)

Voice Dispatch & Recording

  • Unlimited number of talk groups per dispatcher
  • Selective group calling
  • Private calls
  • Emergency calls
  • Voice recording including all the radio-to-radio conversations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Dynamic regrouping
  • Voice playback
  • Search for voice logs
  • Caller ID/Alias
  • Muting options
  • Select/Unselect channels
  • Alert Manager

Telephone Interconnect

  • Phone-to-Radio calls
  • Phone-to-Talk Group calls
  • Radio-to-Phone calls
  • Voice calls recording (option)

Data Processing

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • GPS history and playback
  • OpenStreetMap and Bing maps
  • Changeable GPS update interval
  • Remote Stun/Revival
  • Text messages
  • Support of status messages

Other features

  • Multiple users support
  • Support of external PTT devices
  • Lone Worker
  • System redundancy support
  • Console auto-update function
  • Cross muting

Radios supported

  • NEXEDGE® digital trunked systems
  • NEXEDGE® digital conventional systems

Download our brochure to get more information about NexeTalk Suite.