Why NexeTalk?

With the advent of digital radio communications, there has been a growing demand on dispatch systems that can enhance capabilities of modern radio networks and simplify daily dispatch operations. NexeTalk was the first solution for NEXEDGE utilizing the direct IP connection to the radio system. It contains many more features and capabilities compared to KAS, on one hand, while it is substantially more cost-effective than other solutions in the market.

Direct IP Connection

NexeTalk Suite is one of the few if not the only fully IP dispatch application for able to direct IP interface into a Nexedge® system. The implication is that no control stations or hardware gateways are required to operate the dispatch software. You will not have to worry about maintaing those large racks with additional hardware.

Embedded Software Vocoder

The AMBE+2™ codec is built-in, which eliminates the requirement to buy USB decoders and place them all over the dispatcher computer.

Flexibility and Scalability

The NexeTalk Server software can be installed in a remote location with a stable IP connection to Nexedge® equipment. Dispatcher positions can be located at any distance of the Server. The number of dispatch consoles, talk groups and radio subscribers is only limited by Nexedge® architecture (up to 65,000 IDs at the moment). The dispatch system expands easily at no or low additional costs.

Fleet Management

This feature allows SMR operators of trunked systems to create “fleets” for their customers who can share the same radio network being totally independent of each other.

Voice Recording

The voice logging IP feature allows all voice conversations (including radio-to-radio calls in the trunked mode) to be recorded on an external server.

Support for Free Mapping Applications

NexeTalk works with free OpenStreetMap software. Besides, the software supports Bing and Google Earth maps.

Software Telephone Interconnect Gateway

The gateway application allows radio users to place and receive telephone calls. It supports Session Initiation Protocaol (SIP) for connection to VoIP telephony devices.

Custom Development

NexeTalk takes full advantage of its IP nature and flexibility. It can be customized to meet specific needs of any customer.

Easy Localization

NexeTalk GUI can be translated into virtually any language for your local market.


Last but not least. NexeTalk is a true IP-based dispatch solution for Nexedge®. It does not require any hardware components except for computers hosting the server and dispatcher applications, thus reducing the time to deployment and limiting the expenses for extra equipment. Low ongoing costs will let you grow your business with NexeTalk in the most efficient way.